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t e s t i m o n i a l s

Dear Alyam,

Just a brief note of thanks. The recent session you had with my wife Violetta has resulted in an unbelievable healing. The accidental death of her son four years ago left her in such a state of depression and guilt she could hardly function.

Immediately after the session she told me she was sure you had in fact been able to communicate with her son and that many open wounds were healed. She said it was as if a terrible weight had been lifted from her spirit.

In my view she seems to have finally come to terms with this tragedy. You have the thanks of our entire family. Please continue this gifted work.


Lou Rogowski

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

I wanted to thank you for talking to my son Jack. You are to me an angel of God. I see a lot of mediums coming forth now with their gift, but to me you are the greatest. When my son Jack was in a car accident and died at age 15, I did not know where to turn. My whole world stopped, everything lost its importance to me, even living. I felt in my heart that Jack wanted to communicate with me, but I didn't know who would believe me. I researched for someone who had that special gift, and I found you Alyam.

I wrote down a list of questions on a piece of loose leaf paper and I asked Jack to answer my questions without asking them. When I had my first session with you, Jack answered everything, and showed you things only I would know. Jack showed you a hand signal, which he always used as a happy sign. In at least eight out of ten pictures Jack is showing this hand signal. I knew that you could see and hear my Jack, there was no mistaking what he said and did.

I thank you for awakening me to the fact that life goes on after death, and keeping me in touch with Jack, and knowing he is safe and with his father and Grandpa.

God Bless you always,

Donna T. & Jesse R.

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

I don't know how to thank you for miraculously healing my little Molly. The vet said her nystagmus is gone, her fever is normal and she is totally fine. Totally the opposite of what the emergency vet said on Sunday and Monday, which was confirmed by my vet who said that all indications were leading to a brain tumor.

I am a true believer and I can't thank you enough. This is truly a miracle.

All the best,

Cindy C.

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping me make peace with my daughter's untimely death. Robyn's tragic hit and run death has, for lack of a better word, haunted me. She was so full of LIFE. Everything about her yelled out, "Hey look at me, I'm going to be somebody!" Then, just a week before her 17th birthday, she's gone.

When I contacted you to help me deal with her passing, I wasn't sure what to expect. After being with you for a short time, I was so much at ease that Robyn was okay - she was extremely happy and she didn't want me to worry about her so much. Her actions that came across through you were so genuine. Even though you didn't know her before, I'm confident you know her in Spirit. All her crazy antics and language that you conveyed to me are so comforting. I know she's still the same in Spirit , as she was on Earth.

This experience has helped me so much. Even though I cry every day and will never get over this ache, thanks to you, I know Robyn is in a beautiful place, continuing her sincere and humorous gift with all she comes in contact with.

I look forward to the next time!!!

Take care always,

Susan J. Baxter

. . . . . .

Hi Alyam,

Shockingly, it's been a month since we have spoken - the weeks have truly flown by. The "deluge" you saw started immediately - one contract job a week surfaced and even an appropriate (to my old work) permanent position surfaced.

I continue to feel great - what appears to be a 90+% positive focus. I expect miracles daily. That said, I'd like to check in to see if there are any other messages from Spirit...

Again, thank you!! You've been a part of my life since the layoff from GE in 2003 and you've gone through all this trauma with me for so long. I had to share this truly GREAT NEWS!

Cathy J.

. . . . . .


Good morning. I know my sister Carlye has reached out to you already. I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much this year. As you know, I am in Iowa now working at my old high school as an Associate Principal. I am so happy to be here now. Your advice really kept me going last year and helped me through a very difficult time in my life.

Thank you so much

Have a wonderful week, Alyam,

Erika C.

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

Thank you for the wonderful gift of peace you helped me receive tonight. Knowing that I am being true to my intended journey has given me the serenity to follow the path with less resistance. My relationship issues will be met freely and without reservation or contempt. I am ready to soar and with the information you have afforded me, I can be less fearful of the heights I need to reach.

Your artwork is fantastic. I plan on being a patron one day. Incentive for success.

Thank you for your time and energy,


. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

Thank you so very much for the incredible reading and for taking the time to drive up to Putnam County.

When my husband Ted got home he asked me how things went - and as I proceeded to tell him things, ie "a woman by the name of Lucy says hello and shows a gift of a small 'pin' with wings..." he seemed to freeze right there on the sofa. Lucy is Auntie Lucy - who was my ex-husband's Aunt, whom I loved and adored and always talk about.

Secondly, in regards to the 'pin,' Ted just told me a couple of days ago that his daughter, Lynn, purchased something for my birthday. It really surprised him when I mentioned the 'pin' and tears came to his eyes.

He would not comment any further, but I wouldn't be surprised if I receive a 'pin' with wings in the very near future.

Thank you ever so much!

Best Wishes,

Mary (Putnam County, NY)

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

Thank you for always being there for me. I bless you often in my prayers. I see you as God's little way of helping me through life and also helping me keep my faith.

Love & Blessings,

Cynthia Hess

. . . . . .

Hi Alyam,

Since Oct. 2008, my very first healing session, I have been made aware and much more conscious of just about every blessing that I inadvertently neglected to be thankful of all my life.

Through many connections leading up to you, your readings, advice, recommendations and every bit of wisdom you shared, are forever etched inside me. I may be forgetful at times, but I do recall most of the session's conversation. Thank you, without my sessions with you, my healing may be slower and or stagnant.

It's a blessing to continue the healings, sessions, conversations - however many of them it takes to completely conclude the current situation I am in. I know that it will not be long that the obstacle will be completely cleared for me to thrive and pursue the gifts that have been brought to me. I know you have been helping me with all of it.

Thank you,

Anna, Simon and the Kitties

. . . . . .

Thank you Alyam,

I am writing this letter because I started sessions with Alyam in 1997, which is 14 years ago. My son Jack was killed in a car accident and I needed answers as I was ready to bail out of life. He has been my lifeline angel and we have not even met yet.

Alyam saved my life and answered all my questions through his connection to my son and talking to heaven. There is no pain in this life that can compare with the loss of a child, and my Jack was sacred. When I did the reading, Alyam was able to describe in detail my son's face, and his expressions, and answer the ten questions I asked Jack without me saying a word.

I also realize that some of my readings come through within a three year time frame - but it is 100% accurate. I have a book of my sessions, all typed so I can refer to them, and it is my living bible. I usually go back and underline each confirmation as they happen. I've been able to continue my life and thanks to Alyam I am a stronger person and can handle what is dished out to me a little easier now.

I highly recommend a reading with Alyam because it can comfort the heart and soul, and make you feel a little better when you are grieving.


Donna, Anthony & Jesse

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

I was reminded once again last evening of the many gifts life has bestowed upon you and how fortunate I am to have access to these gifts.

We look forward to your further insights next week...until then we wish you and Joya love and joy overflowing in 2014.


Leslie B.

. . . . . .

Hello Alyam,

It's so nice to have you in our world. You fill our lives with healing words and guide us when we are at a crossroad. Your work is invaluable.

Still feeling good!

Karen K.

. . . . . .

Dear Alyam,

I experienced 12 years of mourning the loss of my parents followed by a brutal abusive marriage and divorce. The healing and spiritual guidance you provided was like being thrown a life vest as I was drowning in a tumultuous sea. A dear friend guided me to you and it literally changed my life.

I shout your name from the rooftops - to anyone struggling and willing to make the call. You are a master on the level of the Ascended Masters who have come before you.

I am forever grateful to my friend and you.

Debra D.

. . . . . .

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