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i c o n p a i n t i n g

ICON PAINTING derived from the early portrait painting of pre-Christian Rome. Primarily begun as a devotional practice, the early Christian icons would depict saints and sages more as archetypal images of worship.

The creation of the icon traditionally required the artist to undergo several meditation and purification rituals beforehand to become attuned to the consciousness of the archetype. Thus, the materials themselves would become imbued with sacred power.

Painting on wood panels and the use of gold leafing were most commonly preferred as they were believed to possess the higher vibratory levels necessary to act as spiritual conduits.

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IMBUED OBJECTS are objects which are imprinted with sacred power from the prayers and intentions transferred into them. When an icon or a sacred object is invoked, it becomes a powerful tool in the healing of physical, emotional or circumstantial issues. Each time they are used, they become stronger in their effectiveness and can very often produce transformational changes in what we refer to as the miraculous.

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