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How does one book a session and what is the price?

You would either call or email me to set up an appointment (see contact page.) Once the appointment is set, you would then send out your payment, in either check, money order, or paypal to the address on the contact page. You will then call me at the appointed time.

The session fee is $150.00 USD for the hour session. All sessions are to be prepaid. In case you need to change the appointment, at least a 48 hour cancellation notice is required. An appointment fee will be charged for a missed session without notice. I will also need your date of birth and your current telephone number.

What can I do to prepare for a session?

One important thing you can do to prepare for a session is to formulate a range of questions and topics you would like to focus on during the session. Usually, all questions are answered - even without asking them. Keeping an open mind and meditating upon your areas of concern will also be very beneficial. If you are contacting a loved one in Spirit, to focus on your heart center while feeling their loving essence will help to open the doors of communication during the session.

Can you communicate with pets and how is that different?

Yes indeed. Our animal friends are far easier to communicate with as they are much more open and receptive to spiritual energy. What they have to say can be very insightful, revealing and sometimes surprising.

Can I tape record the session?

Speaker phones and tape recorders emit certain electromagnetic frequencies which seem to hinder the flow of spiritual communication. It is best to avoid using these devices during a session and just take notes.

How often can I have a reading?

This is entirely dependant upon the individual. People who are going through challenging situations may benefit by weekly appointments, whereas others may reach out monthly, every few months, or even yearly.

I just lost my father. How long should I wait before you can contact him?

I usually like to wait between 3-6 months after a person has transitioned into Spirit. The lines of communication are clearer as they have had time to heal and adjust to their new environment. With pets though, it can be as early as 3-6 days. Animals spend the majority of their time sleeping (or on the astral plane) and consequently are closer to Spirit than man.

Where does the information come from when you do a reading?

The information comes through the spirit guides whom I am always in direct communication with - both the client's spirit guides and those of my own. The loved ones in Spirit also reveal themselves, offering guidance and council...yet, never to tell one what or what not do. The purpose of these sessions are to offer one a sense of comfort, healing, insight and personal empowerment. Nothing negative is ever suggested - perhaps only some gentle warnings of things best to avoid.

What percentage of your predictions come true?

This again greatly varies according to the individual. Some have confirmed absolutely everything has come to pass. While others may experience a lesser degree of validation. It really has to do with one's belief and acceptance of what has been communicated. Everything provides us with possibilities and choice, as nothing is ever carved in stone - for we are each responsible for what occurs in our lives.

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