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a b o u t a l y a m

At a very young age I began to draw angels from master Italian woodcarvings which filled my grandfather's office in New York City. The more I developed as an artist, the more sensitive I became to both my physical environment and to the spiritual landscape as well. It was glorious, yet also quite challenging, to live between two worlds.

I was indeed quite fortunate to study with some remarkable mystics along my path of intuitive development. The first occurred in the Bay area of California where I was introduced to the techniques of meditation. I found that the veils between the physical and the non-physical appeared to be lifted through daily meditation practices.

Upon relocating back to New York City, I came to know an extraordinary mystic who offered me a full scholarship to study high-mysticism with her privately. This is where things really began to take off - as if the flood gates had opened and I was a complete open vessel for Spirit.

After a trial by fire occurred and I was forced to leave New York, I stumbled upon a Navajo medicine man in the wilds of New Mexico where I was trained in the ways of the shaman. I was transformed by a deep connection to the nature spirits, animal totems, ancestors and living in the sacred. I felt at home and lived simply - always with a grateful heart to the Divine expression in all things. When my journey brought me back full circle to the arms of my beloved grandmother, I came to know what my true inheritance was really about.

For it was here, in the quiet moments spent with her, during the final years of her life, that she revealed her legacy to me. After her role of the family matriarch was ending, she shared with me her secrets...secrets kept from the family about the visions that she had since early childhood - and continued to have throughout her life. Visions of the spirit beings and the spirit realm. I felt as if she was 'passing the torch' to me.

After my grandmother finally left this world, I found myself helping people connect with their loved ones they had lost through 'death.' After one session, which had 'resulted in an unbelievable healing,' I attended a Spiritualist church service in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, where the minister clearly described my grandmother above me with a message that "she had just met a young man by the name of Antonio." I was stunned - for this was the same 'lost child' of the woman I had just helped. It then became very clear to me that my grandmother was now acting as my agent in the Spirit world, helping to connect me with those souls needing to get a message back to their loved ones here on Earth.


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